Amanda is young and naive. How would you feel if your parents decided to move away and leave you? What role has Aunt Faye taken in Amanda’s life?

Andrew has lived next door to Faye for years and watched Amanda grow up. He and his cousin Mitch played with her when she was young. Now that they are young adults how do you think their relationships have changed? And are those changes for the better?

Sarah and Amanda have been BFF’s since they were small. Even so there is some jealously between the friends on several levels, not just boys. Where to you see the girls at cross purposes and were you surprised how their relationship changed over the course of the story?

Amanda falls deeply in love with Mitch, how do you think he feels about her? When Amanda is attacked do you think Andrew was justified in his reaction to Mitch? Did Mitch do the right thing by leaving?

There are several young men in Amanda’s life. Were you sure who the stalker was or did your opinion change as the story went along? Were you surprised? What would you do if you found someone lurking in the shadows every where you went?

When Amanda’s baby is born she finds a renewed strength and optimism. She wants to continue school and with the help of Aunt Faye, Andrew and Sarah she does. What would you do if nasty notes began to appear? Did Amanda’s best friend’s betrayal come as a shock?

Do you think there is a future of Amanda, Mitch and little BJ?