Feisty Family & Friends is dedicated to CWO Luis G. Holguin, MIA, Viet Nam War.

In 2018, author Elaine Palen contacted me about helping the National League of POW/MIA Families from SE Asia. They held a raffle to choose a name for one of my books. 

I’m honored to say that CWO Luis Gallegos Holguin’s name was chosen and his character has a special place in my heart. I included some information about his family and imagined what he might be like if he had returned after the war.

On January 3, 1971, CWO Luis G. Holguin was onboard an aircraft flying from Quin Nhon to Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam. Luis was a helicopter pilot for the US army. The purpose of this flight was to pick up additional helicopters for the war effort. Radar contact with the aircraft was lost approximately fourteen miles southeast of Phu Cat at 1120 hours. Search and rescue efforts were called off after six days when they found no trace of the aircraft or personnel. CWO Luis Holguin has been Missing In Action ever since.

Growing up, Luis and his family were migrant workers following seasonal crops throughout the Western states. Luis’ high school dream was to become an airline pilot. With no money for college, Luis voluntarily joined the Army and received pilot training.

Thank you to the Holguin family for allowing me to imagine a different future for Luis. Moreover, thank you to all of the military, past, present, and future, for your sacrifice to keep our country free.

I received this message from his sister today:


I did receive your marvelous book. I read it immediately and loved it!!
Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH. My entire family really appreciates your book and the special dedication to my brother. I’ll keep an eye out for
hardcopies available as I am sure my seven other siblings will want a copy of their very own.
May GOD bless you in all future endeavors,
Josie Holguin Gerende