How would you handle it if you had a life threatening illness that wouldn’t go away? Would you try every treatment, no matter how experimental? Or would you enjoy your last days to the fullest?

Regina’s loss of her first pet, Sugar Bear, was a devastating blow. How do you handle the short lives of our fur babies?

Rescuing Journey and her puppies brought more than just chaos into Regina and Sam’s lives. Did this arrival work for you as a reader?

Peggy’s Pantry has been successful over the years, regardless of the young age of it’s owner. Now that nature has taken it from Peggy and the others that work there, will this be a new opportunity to change things or would you start something new?

Do you remember your first love? Megan is feeling it for the first time and while it is exciting, there’s more to it than new love. What did you think about how Tony handled Carla? What would you have done if you were Megan?

Peggy realizes that she’s smarter than she gave herself credit for and contemplates a different path. Do agree with the risk she is taking or should she stick with the path she knows?

What do you think is the over arching theme of this story?

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