Bonnie (B.D.) Tharp’s newest award winning novel, Patchwork Family was released in March 2014 by Belle Bridge Books. It’s the followup to her 2010 award winner, Feisty Family Values.
Patchwork Family

Mafirst_prize_emblemy 2015 – PATCHWORK FAMILY, a novel by Wichita native Bonnie Tharp won first place in the Kansas Professional Communicators annual competition in the Novels for Adult Readers category.

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Patchwork Family

It’s been a year since Annabelle’s daughter died and she gained custody of her three grandchildren. The stress and demands of her life begin to take their toll. To make matters worse, Annabelle receives a call from the children’s dad, who disappeared a decade ago. A heart attack leaves Cousin Regina the reluctant caregiver. Struggling to let go of the past and take a chance on the future, no matter how uncertain it may be, they discover that the heart of a family is not always about genetics. It’s about people being there for each other, appreciating what you have, charting your own course, and believing you are worthy of love.

“PATCHWORK FAMILY by Bonnie Tharp is an absolutely wonderful story about family, strength, and the power of love.  I savored every single word!”  ~Dorothea Benton Frank, New York Times Best-Selling author of THE LAST ORIGINAL WIFE

Feisty Family Values


“Finalist 2010 USA News Best Books in Women’s Fiction”

“Voted one of Kansas 150 Best Books” kansas150_logo_sm

Feisty Family Values

When Annabelle Hubbard appears on her cousin Regina’s doorstep covered in bruises, the chaos begins. Within an idyllic neighborhood of stolid, family values and century-old houses, the cousins come to grips with family secrets, the ghosts of painful memories, unruly grandchildren, a life-threatening illness, and sexual temptation. Riding through the storm in their lives, the two cousins find that faith, family, and friends are all that really matters.

“Every woman should get a copy of FEISTY FAMILY VALUES, cuddle up on her favorite chair, and enjoy the ride.” — Feathered Quill Book Review


  1. Hi, Bonnie!
    Agreed! Creating stories is a BLAST! And, like you said, it’s hard work and satisfying at the same time. I just purchased “Patchwork Family” and look forward to reading it!
    Take care!

  2. HI Troy! Thanks for checking out my stories. Isn’t creating stories fun? Okay, it’s hard work, but the results are very satisfying. Good luck with your new book, I have it on my Kindle waiting in line. Yes, I’m a book-a-holic and I LOVE IT! Take care and best wishes to you and yours. – Bonnie

  3. Hello, Bonnie!
    Thank you so much for visiting my site. It’s GREAT to hear from you! I wanted to stop by to tell you CONGRATULATIONS on your two award winning novels! What an outstanding achievement! I read a few sample pages of “Patchwork Family” on Google books. Awesome beginning! I will purchase and read. I left my email address…love to connect when you get an opportunity. Take care + best wishes! ~Troy

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