Spring is here but is it in your prose?

purple flowers

As writers we try to “set the scene” for our stories so the reader can feel as though they are there. The passing of the seasons is a great way for time to depicted. “Feisty Family Values” starts in the autumn when the leaves are turning red and gold, and beginning their decent before winter. It’s a time of great beauty but also a time to prepare for the “dead” of winter. Personally, I love autumn and spring best. They are such transitional seasons filled with change and color. “Feisty” ended in spring when everything was beginning to bloom and grow, just like Annabelle did in the story.

My first book, that may never be finished was called “Season’s Daughter.” I’ve got about 20K words done, but I have to tell you it was more a story of my writing growth. I began writing in earnest with that story and parts of it REALLY show it. 🙂 Anyway, that’s another blog topic.

I’m listening to the neighbor mow, the birds chirping, the kids next door playing in the yard and my dog barking – wanting to play, too. It’s spring! Everything is waking up from winter, even though winter wasn’t too bad around here. It’s a time of rebirth. A time of miracles, faith, and spiritual renewal. It’s a time of yellow and pink and green.

When I’m writing a story I want to know everything. The time. The place. The season. The weather. The characters and their dreams or nightmares. Then I try very hard to describe what I see in my mind on the page. Smell the flowers and the rain drenched earth. It’s magical the way our world turns and brings us such variety in nature and in our lives. And as a writer – the trick is – putting it all down in words that you can see, feel, smell, and touch. What a great job I have. It’s challenging but so very exciting.

Enjoy the spring, my friends. Don’t forget to listen for the birds, smell the flowers, and enjoy a good story.