Wait a minute…

Where did June go? How did I miss June? What in the world was going on that I missed?

Well, let’s see. There is a world-wide pandemic going on. It’s been hotter than Hades so I’m watering my flowers every day to try and keep them alive. The weeds are doing famously, the little buggers. My veggies are not putting on any tomatoes or peppers. I keep trying but it’s beginning to defeat me. I won’t give up, though, promise!

I hope you are all staying safe and wearing masks, which is being kind and considerate of others. COVID 19 is a sneaky virus, it doesn’t always rear it’s ugly head with symptoms and is highly contagious. I’m laying low, reading lots of books and painting again. It’s been wonderful to rediscover my love for painting.

You know when you get a car you start to see that kind of car all over the place? Well, I haven’t gotten a new car, but painting again has brought me the pleasure of finding others who love to paint.

This spring during the lockdown, I made a quilt and it turned out fine, but I’m thinking it’s not my thing. It was heavy and awkward and I finally had to borrow my sister-in-law’s sewing machine to finish it. I had to try, though.

Staying home means I’ve been trying to cook more. Unfortunately, my cooking ability has not improved. I get sidetracked and burn things way too often. According to my husband, my homemade bread didn’t have enough air in it. And he refuses to eat my zucchini bread, even though it’s delicious. We have, however, been having lots of BLTs, because our neighbors have a lovely garden and they share with us. Also, their daughter has a humungous garden and we can buy fresh, organic produce from her as well. So, we are learning to eat our vegetables.

What have you been doing during this unprecedented time in our lives? I think the things I miss most are my son and his family (who live halfway across the US from us), travel (not only to see family but to see this wonderful US of A). I miss eating out in restaurants. I miss meeting with my writing friends and having long chats and lots of coffee.

I really miss hugging. We huggers are seriously going through withdrawal, but it’s just not safe right now. Sucks. My dog is getting used to being kissed and hugged now. She is also getting cranky when we run off to the grocers or doctor. She got so mad at us this week she ate half of a cardboard box. Then barfed it on the carpet a couple of times. Knucklehead. There may be many pets who will go through separation anxiety when things return to normal. Except, cats. They don’t seem to mind when their humans are gone as much as the canines do. Anyway, I have a couple of nice clean spots on our carpet now.

My apologies for being away from the web site so long. Everything is so unsettling it got lost in the noise.

Take care, all. Blessings to you all.

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