#4 The Writer’s Journey…

Never really ends.

Once you’ve put your book out there, do regular marketing, then the next step is tostart another story.

If you don’t have any ideas, then go for a long walk and see if something doesn’t pop for you. Inspiration can come from anything and everything, just be open to it.

If you’ve got more ideas than time to write them, pick one and get started. Keep an IDEA NOTEBOOK handy and jot down the other ideas, just in case your memory is iffy like mine.

If you’re a linear thinker, then plot, plan and outline. If you’re like me and are easily distracted, the start where the story started in your head. Write a scene. Then another and another. You may have to fit them together like a puzzle, but that can be fun.

The point is there is no perfect way to write a book. There is your way, and you will have to discover it for yourself. Authors will generally share their experiences, but each of us have our own individual path to follow.

Find like minded writers and create a critic group or book club. Brainstorm, commiserate, and celebrate with one another. No one truly understands the writer’s journey unless they are on it.