The Five W’s

WHY do I write? My mind is filled with stories, characters, issues that need to be discussed, and sometimes a crazy idea or ten. Nature and the uniqueness of the human race and our pets often inspire me.

WHO do I write for? Mostly for women, but sensitive men have enjoyed my novels, too. Women have a unique yet shared perspective and experience. We help each other, we are nurturing, guiding, leading and comforting – as a general rule.

WHAT do you write? I write stories about women, feisty families and friends and issues they deal with every day. Abuse. Desertion. Sexual awakening. Love. Children. Loss. Forgiveness. Aging. Opportunities. Change.

WHERE do you go to write? My office mostly. They closed my favorite bookstore (Borders West Wichita) where I spent many hours on my first and second novels. Watermark Books & Cafe is another good place to hang out and write. Libraries and coffee shops work, too.

WHEN is your best time to write? Afternoons and evenings. Mornings I usually do chores (laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, gardening, care giving). Sometimes when I wake up I remember a part of a dream that applies to my current work in progress, or and idea for a character or story, so I quickly jot it down before I forget it.