It’s Fall in Kansas

Everyone is posting such wonderful photos of the Monarch butterflies migrating on Facebook. This beautiful event is a good reminder that it’s fall. The nights are getting down into the high 50’s and low 60’s and I just love it. The Blood Moon tonight looks like it’s autumn up there, too. That’s one of the things I enjoy about this time of year – the colors.

fall_leavesMy first published novel Feisty Family Values started in the fall. I got married forty-years-ago in October, too.

We made our first pot of chili today. Next on my list, something with pumpkin. Pie. Bread. Muffins. I haven’t decided yet. And homemade veggie soup with fresh bread. Yum.

While the trees and plants are preparing for winter and things appear to slow down, this is the first step into the holidays. Halloween. Thanksgiving. Christmas. New Years. Talk about color! Everyone gets to kick it up a notch every month for the next three months. How cool is that?

We have a new/used Chiminea that we’ll be trying out soon. A glass of hot cider by the fire sounds like a cool way to start this new season. We get to wear cozy sweaters with our jeans, scarves and even boots again!

Long walks in the crunching leaves are another fave of mine. (Raking them isn’t all that great, but plopping into a huge pile of leaves is fun. The first time we introduced our grandson, who was a toddler at the time, to leaf pile jumping he thought his grandmother had lost her mind. But it didn’t take long before he got into the spirit of things. miles1104And dressing up for Halloween with grandkids around ROCKS! I seem to recall a puppy, dragon, Batman, ninja, werewolf and scary looking beast. When my son was young he was a great clown, gunshot victim, the angel of Death, and he even dressed up as me one year. As the boys got older their costumes became more gruesome. And everyone wants to be a super hero at least once.

Another of my favorite things about autumn is that darkness comes earlier, so I snuggle up with my notebook and write, or grab some hot tea and a book to read. LOVE IT!

When I was little we wore these icky plastic masks that made your face sweat. Yes, they still exist, but mostly we use makeup now. The kids are really good at creating the look they want. And my husband’s father told us stories about Halloween on the farm in Oklahoma and the pranks they played on neighbors. The outhouse on top of the barn was quite a feat.

And who can forget Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin – although I think it’s Linus who really believes. A few years ago my cousin bought the cutest pumpkin hat and her brother put them on everyone in a photo. It is so cute.

anna_jim_lana_fall14Enjoy your fall, folks. And don’t forget to read!