Consumer Reviews

With so much shopping being done online now, the consumer review is more important than ever. We miss the opportunity to chat with another shopper in the store to see what they think of the item you are considering purchasing. (Unless they have chat software, but the person on the other end is being paid to say good things about their products.)

air_mailMost web sites give you the opportunity to review and even remind you in email to review the product you purchased as well as the shipping. I purchased a cool Impressionist Coloring book from Amazon, and the box I received was totally smashed. Thankfully the contents, however, were shrink wrapped and in fine shape. (They will be told the good and the bad of it, so the next customer doesn’t receive their purchase in bad shape.)

I prefer to shop locally, but if the brand I’m looking for isn’t carried here I take my search elsewhere. Perhaps that is why I love quirky shops like Lucinda’s and Watermark Books & Cafe. The service is great and they have really fun things for sale. I also enjoy shopping at antique stores and consignment/thrift shops where you never know what treasures you might find or be able to repurpose.

As many of you know I love comfortable shoes, but they can be expensive.relax So, I watch for my favorite brands to see if they are on sale locally and online. (The shoe sales sites that have free shipping both ways are the best, because sometimes shoes just don’t fit and you have to return them and try again. I read the reviews to see if customers found them true to size or if they were durable and comfortable. )

Whenever and wherever I shop, I let people know whether I had a good (or bad) experience. Through social media. Through Customer Reviews. Through word of mouth. When we discover a great new place to eat we tell everyone we know. We humans love to share experiences, it’s story telling in its purest form. That’s a good thing and has probably gone on since the Neanderthal Grug  warned his mate not to go near the cave where the neighborhood sabor tooth tiger slept. (Warning! See there is value in letting people know your experience?)

Keep in mind, though, if it’s not dangerous – your opinion is just that – one person’s opinion. There’s no need to get nasty, just say I didn’t like it because… or I liked it a lot because… Let others form their own opinions, and be kind enough not to blame the clerk at the clothing store for your bad day. We all have them, so be responsible and courteous when leaving your review or comments. It’s called “constructive criticism.” Make your reviews count!