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FFVbookcover_thumbA little about FEISTY FAMILY VALUES: The orderly life of successful artist and regal widow, Regina Morgan-Smith, abruptly changes with the arrival of her frumpy cousin, Annabelle–and not for the better. Homeless and covered in bruises, Annabelle requires more attention than Regina’s willing to give. However, family ties are strong, and Regina takes Annabelle into her home in the once opulent Riverside area of Wichita, Kansas.

Where did the idea come from? The idea came to me my senior year of college, while I was working full time.

Who are the main characters? The main characters are Regina Morgan Smith, a snooty woman with resources to spare, but barely a kind word for anyone. Her cousin, Annabelle Hubbard, is homeless and abused and goes to her only remaining family as a last resort. Tilly is Regina’s best friend and house mate and ends up being referee for the cousins while they try to sort things out.

What actors or actresses would you play your characters if it were made into a movie? Sigourney Weaver would make a great Regina. She’s regal and beautiful and tall.

Kathy Bates would make a great Annabelle. She can be soft, but tough when things require her to be.

I picture Sally Field as Tilly. Small. Spunky. Sweet. Funny. Perfect.

Some fun stuff…looking thru fence
1. If I could live anywhere, would you rather live in a medium sized city with mountains or a beach nearby.
2. What would you prefer? Sweets. Definitely sweets.
3. If you were stranded on a desert island, what is one thing you couldn’t live without? My husband Jim.

4. If I had to choose one of these books, I would have to say Alex Cross. But these wouldn’t be among my favorite books. I’d rather chose Sullivan’s Island.
a. Pride and Prejudice
b. Alex Cross
c. Twilight
d. Snow White and the Huntsman
e. The Shining

5. Which word most suits you?
a. crazy
b. funny
c. carefree
d. studious
e. anxious          All at different times and different days, depending on the circumstances.

6. Tell me something about yourself that might be funny to others? It takes me awhile to work through a geometry puzzle, it’s not always logical but I generally come to the proper conclusion.

7. Which group of words explain what you are like the most?
a. fly by the seat of your pants
b. drama queen
c. don’t sweat the small stuff
d. footloose and fancy free.
e. Too tightly wound      All of these at different times and different days, depending on the circumstances.

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