Marketing & Media

We writers hear that we are responsible for our own marketing and getting our names and novels into the media. It’s true. It’s hard. And it can be a lot of FUN.  As you can see by the Calendar of Events page I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve made some great new friends at libraries, bookstores, women’s clubs, bloggers, other authors, senior centers, professional organizations, etc.

FEISTY FAMILY VALUES appeals to women of all professions, from the busy homemaker/mother, the retired mother/grandmother, to the company CEO. We women ROCK and we READ. 

My uncle asked me the other day “why don’t you write westerns?” I told him that although I’ve read all of Louis L’Amours books, I didn’t feel compelled to write a western. I want to write about what we women go through in our lives. He told me I’d probably be rich if I wrote a western.

Maybe so, but my heart is in the stories of my sisters and their relationships, families, fighting cancer, finding love, breaking out and finding our selves. The guys just really don’t get it. And besides, there are 38 million women baby boomers out there and we hope to find stories we can relate to. There are a bunch of us out here writing, too.

What does all this have to do with marketing and media. To be successful we have to market to the audience that we’ve written to. Men probably won’t be very interested in FEISTY FAMILY VALUES, but that’s okay – women 40+ are interested and reading.

How do we reach the media? I’m still working on that one. I’ve been in the paper, magazines, a couple of television stations have interviewed me (a clip for one will be posted soon), but no radio yet. And I send news releases out to all forms of media when my book or I win an award; an speaking event comes up; a book signing has been planned. Not all of the media outlets feel it’s “news” or has room for much more than a one liner. But we authors have to keep trying, because one of these days one of these events is going to hit the right person or group and POW! BANG! ZAP! Your book is NEWS and people can’t wait to find out more. (I was channeling the old Batman series for a moment there.)

Enjoy the journey! -BD