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Please help me welcome L.C. Hayden author of not only mysteries and thrillers, but inspirational novels, too. Keep an eye out for her, she has many more stories she’s longing to tell.

What parts of you and your background feed your imagination? The right part of my brain (yes, I do have one!) or the left part of the brain—the one that is the creative part feeds my imagination. The other part of the brain laughs at it.

I love to travel and that often fuels the imagination. I look at places not only for their beauty or serenity, but for what crime—most foul—can be committed here.

Tell us a little about the very first story you remember writing? I was still a kid, back then. Being a pre-teen, my main interest was romance. It was a typical romance: boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, etc. At each stage my sister, two years older than I, would be reading the story. Then came the ending: boy dies. My sister got real mad at me and started chasing me around the house. I ran around screaming. Although I think we were both half-joking, our mom took it seriously and both my sister and I were grounded. I gave up writing romances. My characters still die, but it’s okay because now they’re murdered.

Creative people are often creative in other ways, besides writing what else does the muse encourage you to do? Aye, bummer, no one told me about this one. I got left out.

Actually, I do love anything artsy. Drawing, painting, building things with my hands, etc. I also love to act (see how good I am? I convinced my mom that my sister and I were really mad at each other!) I also love to sing and when I do, people’s eyes open wide, stare at me, and tell me to shut up!

What genre(s) do you like to write? Mostly mysteries. I do the thrizy—or whatever that genre is: a combination of a thriller and a cozy. However, I’ve also have had two inspirational books published, one along the lines of Hallmark Hall of Fame (reviewers have mentioned this) and the other one is a nonfiction titled When Angels Touch You. I’ve also did a horror novel and plan to do children’s books.

Tell us a little about your novel, its plot and the main character(s). My latest release is When Death Intervenes which features my recurring sleuth, Harry Bronson, a retired Dallas Police Detective. In this novel, Linda Randig is on the run when she meets Bronson. Her parents and husband have been murdered and someone is threatening to kill her son and grandson unless she drives cross country to Minnesota for some undisclosed reason. Bronson’s suggestion to aid Linda takes him on a trip that brings him face-to-face with a serial killer who leaves a trail of violence for Bronson to follow. Bronson reunites with his former partner Mike Hoover and they discover a web of lies and secrets based on a blatant impossibility. In the meantime, the body count builds to a frenzy, while Bronson and Hoover delve through a mass of lies and deception to discover the killer’s link to a multi-million dollar scam and blackmail. What they find not only shocks Bronson and Hoover, but could also easily get them killed.

As always, Bronson, a unique detective, finds clever ways to solve the problems he faces. In When Death Intervenes, Bronson uses ketchup and a shower ring to escape the killer’s den. To find out how, read When Death Intervenes.

Are any of the characters like you and if so in what way? Exactly like me. My series character is Harry Bronson (he=male; I=female) He’s big and strong; I’m tiny and weak. He loves coffee; I don’t drink coffee. Bronson has a quirky sense of humor, but not me. Uh huh. I’m the serious kind. See? We’re exactly alike.

On a serious note—make it a b flat—Bronson is retired and so am I. He travels in a motor home solving mysteries wherever he goes; I have a motor home and I create mysteries wherever I go.

I’m starting a new series and that character is Aimee Brent. She loves to drink half-Coke and half-Diet Coke—which is my kind of a mixed drink.

What genre(s) or author(s) do you like to read? Love to read mysteries: thrillers, noir—almost no cozies, but I do read some. I also love to read inspirational. My favorite kind of authors? Five Star Authors!

Where and when do you find the best ideas or inspiration for your stories? I usually try to get the ideas or inspirations at WallMart when they’re on sale.

Otherwise, a walk in nature—whether it be a city park or a cool path winding around a lake. Sometimes I lie in bed and let my mind soar.

If there was a message you could share with other writers what would it be? Enjoy every step of writing. Write to please yourself, but at the same time, keep the reader in mind. But above all, never, ever, give up. The road to writing is paved with rejection. Believe in yourself and your work and keep on writing.

Where can readers go to learn more about you and your work? In my dream world, there’s a huge L. C. Hayden Museum and it tells you all about me and my (so far) ten books. But in the meantime, please check out my website at

Any extra comments? Yes, thanks for the interview. I had a blast doing this. Now I have to go pick up all of the L. C. Hayden pieces and put me back together again. It was one heck of a blast!

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